Samsung is launching Bixby – their own #AI assistant, competing with Siri and Alexa

The personal assistant scene is for sure getting crowded, and most of these products are still really bad at handling language and understanding what we want. But since this is an exponential technology, and since so many companies are fighting for the top, we will for sure see a major development in this area. I guess we just need to, again, judge where such helpful technology passes the border to being creepy. The best things these companies can do, besides continue the development, is to treat us with respect regarding the information it accesses and shares.

Bixby, the new Siri-like digital assistant, will be included in Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S8.

Source: Samsung’s new AI assistant will take on Siri and Alexa – Mar. 21, 2017

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Author: Patrik Bergman

Communications Manager at Haldex. Father, husband, vegetarian and reader of Dostoyevsky.

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