Best AI Novel Writing Software Tools of 2023

This will be a big theme moving forward for this blog: How AI can help us in writing, and our role in that process.

Can an AI write a novel?

We are living in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over jobs that were once reserved for humans. The question of whether an AI can write a novel has been asked many times. And the answer is yes, an AI can write a novel.

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Why AI Is the ‘New Electricity’

University of Pennsylvania on why artificial intelligence soon will be the new electricity. It will be so common that we don’t even see it as AI – it just is.

Just as electricity transformed industries in the past century, artificial intelligence has the power to substantially change society in the next 100 years.

Source: Why AI Is the ‘New Electricity’

AI and Neuroscience: A virtuous circle | DeepMind

So far apart for so long, but now AI researchers and neuro scientist are dating. I can only applaud more of this since, yes, humans are at the center. Just waiting for more philosophers to enter the stage as well.

Recent progress in AI has been remarkable. While this is attributed to several factors, one often overlooked contribution is the use of ideas from experimental and theoretical neuroscience. We argue that if we are to continue to make rapid advances, researchers should not lose sight of this valuable interplay. We urge researchers in neuroscience and AI to find a common language, allowing a free flow of knowledge that will allow continued progress in both fields.

Source: AI and Neuroscience: A virtuous circle | DeepMind

MIT says: Artificial Intelligence is here to augment work, not replace us #AI

There is much said about the future of AI in our workplaces, and here is a somewhat balanced view. Yes, let us remove the boring and mind-numbing work and give that to AI. Then let us be uniquely human.

AI and machine learning won’t create massive job losses in the foreseeable future, but some societal issues do come to mind.

Source: AI in the Workplace: Augment, Instead of Replacing Humans – InformationWeek

The revenge of the philosophers: Artificial Intelligence #AI

When I started studying practical philosophy at the university at the age of 18, few others could see the benefits. Real jobs to train for was lawyer, financial experts, or engineer. And here we stand 26 years later, in a world where artificial intelligence will take over much of those people’s work, and where philosophy is crucial. Interesting times, indeed.

Ethics may be the next challenge for artificial intelligence engineers | Entertainment/Life |

In shows like HBO’s “Westworld” and AMC’s “Humans,” Hollywood pits robots, with artificial intelligence, against humans.

Source: Ethics may be the next challenge for artificial intelligence engineers | Entertainment/Life |

Enough with the extreme tech focus on #AI: If people don’t trust it – where are we heading?

Every day, we hear about the technological advancements of AI and people praising these advancements almost as if AI is a God. Meanwhile, the vast majority are not as converted yet. Of course, we can continue the development of AI without taking people’s trust into account. But I for sure don’t recommend it.


Also, both the poor and the wealthy, but not the middle class, are the most frequent users of AI devices, says Jurica Dujmović.

Source: What’s holding back artificial intelligence? Americans don’t trust it

The robots are coming. And they might let humanity flourish. #AI

There is much talk and stress about the robots taking our jobs, and for sure they will. But there are still uniquely human traits that the robots cannot replace, if ever. Maybe the robotic revolution will allow us to be even more human than in a long time. The industrial revolution have given us riches, but for sure also sent many people into a mechanic rut. Maybe this is a way back to who we once were.

Losing your job to robots is no longer a sci-fi fantasy. Here are eight skills that can keep your job from being handed off to a robot.

If You Have These Skills, No Robot Will Ever Take Your Job