The robots are coming. And they might let humanity flourish. #AI

There is much talk and stress about the robots taking our jobs, and for sure they will. But there are still uniquely human traits that the robots cannot replace, if ever. Maybe the robotic revolution will allow us to be even more human than in a long time. The industrial revolution have given us riches, but for sure also sent many people into a mechanic rut. Maybe this is a way back to who we once were.

Losing your job to robots is no longer a sci-fi fantasy. Here are eight skills that can keep your job from being handed off to a robot.

If You Have These Skills, No Robot Will Ever Take Your Job

Deloitte says: Focus on Machine Intelligence (MI), not just #AI

Deloitte just released their report Tech Trends 2017: The Kinetic Enterprise, where they highlight the expected of Machine Intelligence (MI). Yes, they think we have focused too much on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which they say is a subset of Machine Intelligence (MI). As they describe it, MI also includes machine learning, deep learning, cognitive analytics, robotics process automation (RPA), and bots.

Deloitte also sees three areas as driving the development of MI: Exponential data growth, Faster distributed systems, and Smarter algorithms. And as we can see in the image below, all the tech giants are doing acquisitions to be better at MI. Given the sizes of these companies, and how many applications they offer us privately and professionally, this will have an enormous impact on us the coming years.

Conventional wisdom holds that artificial intelligence is the next great horizontal technology that will unleash future waves of innovation. Yet AI is not a single type of technology. It takes many f

Source: Deloitte predicts machine intelligence, not mere AI, as a big trend for 2017 | VentureBeat | AI | by Blaise Zerega

“Wanted: AI experts to build the robots that will replace them – Computerworld” #AI

Last month, global audit firm PwC posted a vacancy for an “AI Guru” at its Sydney office. The position required data analytics knowledge, experience in supervised and unsupervised machine learning, with basic programming and database ability an advantage.

Source: Wanted: AI experts to build the robots that will replace them – Computerworld

“Inside Amazon’s robot-run supermarket that needs just 3 human workers | New York Post” #AI

If you’re a robot stealing somebody’s job, it’s best to stay hidden. That’s what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appears to be thinking, as his Seattle-based web giant has contemplated a

Source: Inside Amazon’s robot-run supermarket that needs just 3 human workers | New York Post

Top 10 hot #AI technologies incl. Natural Language Generation and Robotic Process Automation

Great overview of how artificial intelligence is applied today. More areas will of course appear later, but this is an overview of what happens now.

Artificial Intelligence – ZEROS UNIVERSE

The market for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is flourishing. Beyond the hype and the heightened media attention, the numerous startups…

Source: Artificial Intelligence – ZEROS UNIVERSE

“RE•WORK | Blog – 5 Reasons to Enter #AI Development in 2017”

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting scientific developments in human history. Only a decade ago, AI was a far-fetched fairy tale. Advancements in deep learning have propelled AI enthusiasts’ wildest dreams into reality. In fact, artificial intelligence is already a part of our everyday lives, whether it be in the form of your email app that learns what messages you frequently trash or the digital assistant tracking your speech patterns. AI is more than a passing fad or unfortunate bubble. It’s the future.

Source: RE•WORK | Blog – 5 Reasons to Enter AI Development in 2017

Tutoring, mentoring, grading, and more. How education can benefit from #AI

Interesting input on how schools can benefit from artificial intelligence, for example by letting the machines free time from the teachers.

Artificial Intelligence and Education – Data Science Central


The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has had a huge influence on today’s society, as ongoing discussions evaluate the impacts of creating machines a…

Source: Artificial Intelligence and Education – Data Science Central

Robotics and Marketing: Prepare to use #AI, cause it is already here

Interesting reflections on how Marketing can be affected by artificial intelligence, including an overview.

The Robot Revolution: Why Marketers Should Prepare for the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Confused about AI? Discover how artificial intelligence will transform the way you work, your marketing and sales strategy, and your customers’ shopping habits.

Source: The Robot Revolution: Why Marketers Should Prepare for the Rise of Artificial Intelligence